Our team

At Fundaments we like to keep it personal. If you call of mail us, you will immediately get in contact with one of our employees. We like short lines, so that getting an answer never takes to long. To keep things personal, we like to introduce our team.

Jeroen Tekelenburg


I like to drink my coffee with some milk. Or I will have some green tea, without sugar, please.
At Fundaments I fulfill the role of CFO, in addition, I also fulfill some technical tasks. Together with my financial and technical colleagues, I make the financial planning and execute those plans.

Larik-Jan Verschuren


I prefer my coffee black. I often take more than one cup of coffee …
In my role as CEO I plan out policy, follow market developments and I am in contact with partners (suppliers and customers). I have a technical background and a passion for everything that we do. I also like to stay up to date with the work that my colleagues are doing.

Dennis Koopman

Partner manager

For me, like a tea and preferably green tea. I do not drink coffee. Occasionally I also like a glass of water. Sounds very healthy, doesn’t it?!
I am the partner manager of Fundaments. That means that I have close contact with all our partners and are their first contact for all kinds of questions. What I especially get a kick out is arranging things for our partners.

Arnoud Kamphuis

Infrastructure Engineer

Actually, I mostly drink water at the office, otherwise tea. A delicious earl gray is always good!
I work at the foundation of what we do. Together with Jeltsen and Rik I make sure that our cloud stays online and up to date. Virtualization is my specialization and early this year I got my advanced certification.

Jeltsen Haagsma

Infrastructure Engineer

For me, I like my coffee black.
As an Infrastructure Engineer I take care of the daily support, management and technical delivery of projects. What is on Jeltsen his screen?

Maikel Oosterink

Infrastructure Engineer

I prefer coffee, black please.
I keep myself busy with managing the infrastructure and I make sure that the cloud environment is monitored constantly. I also help the customers with their questions or problems and I make sure that the infrastructure is maintained at a high level. This all in collaboration with my colleagues.

YvoYvo van Dillen

Software Engineer

I love some sweetener in my coffee .
I developed the Fundaments portal. I also, together with Kris, development software that form links between different systems.

Kris Meenhuis

Software Engineer

I like some milk and sugar in my coffee.
I develop software that stores links between internal systems, and also develop software for the portals for our customers and work on automating complex business processes. I also try to share my software engineering knowledge with colleagues from other disciplines , such as R&D, support and systems engineers.

Matthew Jaworski

Software Engineer trainee

I like my tea hot and bitter.

Together with Kris and Yvo, I work on the software side of our services. In addition, I also help colleagues with other tasks.

Thijs Alink

Financial & Business Controller

Coffee, black please!
As controller at Fundaments I handle the financial planning and control. I am also responsible for the design and management of administrative systems, regulations, practices and procedures. And finally, I am responsible for the design management measures within the framework of the ISO/NEN-certification of Fundaments.

Chantal Drok

Marketing en communication

I like a lump of sugar in my tea, please. Or even better, a little bit of honey.
I make the Fundaments newsletter, maintain the website, write texts and press releases, plan partner events and organize congresses and many more things.


Would you like to speak to us personally? Please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +31(0)88 4 227 227 or mail to info@fundaments.nl.