More and more organizations are making the transition to the cloud. They want to take advantage of added flexibility, lower costs and faster innovations. But … how do they translate the promises of cloud computing into practical steps?

Fundaments provides solid and certified types of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) in the cloud. Originating from Dutch datacenters, we offer flexible building blocks using proven technology with which organizations can develop their own applications, servers and services very quickly. Based on our foundation, partners and end users can quickly construct a tailor-made cloud infrastructure.

Veeam – Remote Recovery

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) consists of several building blocks. The access to the Internet and between datacenters is via broadband connections. Various types of hardware or software ensure that the cloud infrastructure always well matched to the application that an organization wants to host. Finally, a virtualization- and management-software glues the infrastructure and the portal through which end-user roll out services and applications. With a complete range of services Fundaments provides all the building blocks for a solid cloud.

VDC – VMware vCloud

From ISO certified datacenters VMware vCloud provides all cloud types: private, public or hybrid. With 24/7 monitoring and support, this platform is ideal for mission-critical environments that require a lot of flexibility in resources.

In close collaboration with VMware, the VMware vCloud 5.5 environment on Fundaments- locations Previder PDC2 in Hengelo and Equinix EN1 rolled in Enschede. These data centers as a production and serve as a disaster recovery site. This creates the ideal foundation for cloud redundancy.


Fundaments manages its own network with a 10Gbps core and several links 10Gbps-. Our network is intelligent distributed over several certified data centers in the Netherlands. In addition to links to the Internet provides Fundaments (private line) links via local network marketplaces such as ND-IX, CN IX, NL-IX, R-IX ZOD-IX and EFX.

Without reliable network connectivity is a server unreachable. This makes the network topology and device selection of particular importance. Therefore Fundaments Cisco Nexus used as the heart of its network, which is spread across different data centers: Equinix EN1 (Enschede) and ZW1 (Zwolle), Previder PDC2 (Hengelo), Equinix AM2, AM3 and Telecity II (Amsterdam).