Fundaments uses hardware, software and connectivity exclusively from market leaders. Below you will find a selection of our suppliers.


Cisco supplies core-network equipment and blade servers. Opting for network and server equipment from a single supplier provides large management benefits. This approach improves the efficiency and minimizes the risk of errors. In addition, Cisco’s blade server platform is very scalable as a result, new equipment can be put into production very fast.

Dell EqualLogic

The Dell EqualLogic storage systems are deployed for offering SSD-accelerated SAS. This solution provides the speed of SSD for the price of common SAS disks. Besides this tier of storage SAS and SATA based resources are available.


vCloud and Virtual Datacenter are based on the virtualization technology of VMware. This supplier achieves the highest stability using techniques such as High Availability and Distributed Resource Scheduler. Our specialists are VMware certified.


The Fundaments network is connected to NL-ix. This platform is more finely meshed than AMS-IX, because NL-ix is available in nearly all Dutch datacenters. In addition, NL-ix is also available in an expanding list of foreign datacenters. Furthermore, a lot of our Internet traffic with other European network runs through this Internet node.


Fundaments is also connected with the Amsterdam Internet node AMS-IX. This connection guarantees fast connectivity with other large networks in the Netherlands.


HP supplies Fundaments with Lefthand storage systems. This platform is characterized by its scalability and continuity. These storage systems are offered in several ways: as production storage (SAS and SATA) and as replication storage for the previously mentioned production storage (SATA).