VMware vCloud

Originating from ISO-certified datacenters, VMware vCloud offers all cloud variants: private, public or hybrid. Using 24/7 monitoring and support, this platform is ideal for business critical environments that demand a lot of flexibility in resources.

In close collaboration with VMware, the VMware vCloud 5.5 environment was launched at the Fundaments locations Previder PDC2 in Hengelo and Equinix EN1 in Enschede. These datacenters can serve as production and/or failover locations. This creates the ideal basis for cloud redundancy.

Enterprise Infrastructure

The VMware vCloud 5.5 environment is based on Cisco UCS blade systems and Dell PowerEdge rack servers from the R7xx range. The storage area network systems (SAN) utilize Hewlett Packard and Dell Equallogic hardware.

High Availability

Using VMware as a virtualization layer, technologies such as High Availability are available by default. The same applies to Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and Storage-DRS that ensures an optimal load distribution of the cloud.

Settlement models

Fundaments uses two settlement models for vCloud. These models match a permanent of more flexible need of resources. Read more about our vCloud settlement models.

Flexibility of configuration

By deploying various types of hardware or tiers, the vCloud environment meets all requirements, regardless of the type of configuration, whether it concerns backup data or data that changes and is retrieved very often.

Certified management

Certified engineers are responsible for the management of the vCloud environment of Fundaments. They are trained in all aspects of all vCloud layers: virtualization, storage systems, servers and networks.

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