White papers

Nowadays, an increasing amount of work is performed ‘in the cloud’. What exactly is the cloud? Who can utilize it and what is Fundaments’ role in the process? These are questions that are often asked. To answer these questions, we have drafted a number of white papers that describe the developments in the area of the cloud. They also show, very specifically, how the cloud is used.

The white papers are in Dutch.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The cloud consists of a very large number of components, but its foundation always comes down to hardware. The pieces of hardware are connected to each other and form the infrastructure. This infrastructure is the semi-product that Fundaments provides in order to build a cloud. This white paper deals with the infrastructure offered by Fundaments. Download the white paper Infrastructure as a Service (in Dutch).


VMware Case Study

Fundaments uses proven technology for its services. For example: The way in which we implemented our vCloud environment is described by VMware in a case study. Download the white paper VMware Case Study (in Dutch).


IaaS as a basis

The cloud provides high availability and high flexibility, but the transition to the cloud is often experienced as a barrier. Aspects such as management, location and security are frequently-heard arguments. This white paper delves deeper into these aspects and describes Fundaments’ solutions. In addition, it contains an elaboration of a specific customer case. Download the white paper IaaS as a basis (in Dutch).


Transition to IaaS pays off

More and more organizations are making the transition to the cloud. The advantages seem clear-cut. Higher flexibility, lower costs and faster innovations are the major reasons for this choice. But… how do organizations ensure that they can also realize the promises that cloud computing holds. What are the points of attention in case of migrating the existing infrastructure and applications to the cloud? Download the white paper Transition to IaaS pays off (in Dutch).


The added value of Private Connections

For a long time the rule in process and office automation was that data and applications were as much as possible deployed and managed from their own environments. Now more and more organizations work in the cloud. That also means that more connections are needed. In this document Fundaments describes the background and benefits of private connections. (in Dutch)


How important is the difference between public and private cloud at the workplace?

The term “cloud” is now well known to many. More and more organizations are finding their way to the cloud. A good moment to look at the different types of cloud. The market would be familiar with the difference between private and public cloud. But is this really the case? (in Dutch)